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  • European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) is a self-declaration of the businesses' financial status, abilities and suitability for a public procurement procedure. It is available in all EU languages and used as a preliminary evidence of fulfilment of the conditions required in public procurement procedures across the EU. Thanks to the ESPD, the tenderers no longer have to provide full documentary evidence and different forms previously used in the EU procurement, which means a significant simplification of access to cross-border tendering opportunities. From October 2018 onwards the ESPD shall be provided exclusively in an electronic form.

    The European Commission provides a free web service for the buyers, bidders and other parties interested in filling in the ESPD electronically. The online form can be filled in, printed and then sent to the buyer together with the rest of the bid. If the procedure is run electronically, the ESPD can be exported, stored and submitted electronically. The ESPD provided in a previous public procurement procedure can be reused as long as the information remains correct. Bidders may be excluded from the procedure or be subject to prosecution if the information in the ESPD is seriously misrepresented, withheld or cannot be complemented with supporting documents.

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    The Commission established this transitional service to support the uptake of the ESPD and supported EU Member States in implementing their own ESPD services. The Commission service will be phased out in April 2019, nevertheless the obligation to use the ESPD remains into force and can be met by using the national ESPD services. Most Member States already provide at least one ESPD service. A non-exhaustive list can be found here. The list will be regularly updated.

    A list of ESPD contact points in your Member States can be found here.


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